• Image of condo heartbreak disco

52 pages
black & white
published by koyama press

"Kostiuk Williams' sinuous, bendy lines and libidinal energy fuse his sci-fi super-diva narrative with the textures of everyday queer life gleaned from years spent observing his adopted home. Throughout, there is a wistful sense of how great the city could be were it to value its underground, subcultural bustle rather than reaching up to the sky."

- Jon Davies for C Magazine

"Condo Hearbreak Disco is a Cassandra-like warning of the evils of gentrification and cultural appropriation, rendered in Eric Kostiuk Williams' swirly, whirly, marvelously morphing graphic matrix. Wise and whimsical, political and personal, freaked out and fabulous, it's a visionary work by a gifted young cartoonist."

- Rob Kirby (editor of QU33R, writer for The Comics Journal)