• Image of Our Wretched Town Hall

Town hall's in session, and we've got lots to talk about. Eric Kostiuk Williams returns with a new, full-color short story collection that will replenish your crops, singe your eyebrows, and lightly tickle the back of your knees.

“Eric Kostiuk Williams’ comics are visually defined by their malleability. His forms shine like latex and stretch like taffy, and his stories take place in surreal, psychedelic environments that morph as time passes. That fluid visual aesthetic ties into major themes of his work like gender expression, queer culture, and urban preservation and development, all of which involve people and places in a constant state of change. His new book from Retrofit, Our Wretched Town Hall, collects a variety of his short comics and illustrations, spotlighting his signature style and his skill at telling stories full of emotion and atmosphere in a very short page count.”

- Oliver Sava for The AV Club